Ramadan Recipes 2010

The month of Ramadan starts today and you might be looking for something special or different to cook for your guests the comming month. Here are some links to delicious recipes and tips for Ramadan.

Wishing you all a Ramadan Kareem!

Orange Lentil Soup (Shorabat Adas) on epicurious.com

Tastira (Tunisian Fried Peppers and Eggs) on allrecipes.com

Chicken Sticks on simple-easy-recipes.com

Easy date square on simple-easy-recipies.com

Pakistani Potato Chicken on allrecipes.com

Spicy Carrots on about.com

Easy sides:
Dates, cut the date, remove the pit and replace with butter
Bread and dips, cut or tear bread and fill a bowl with oil and one with honey.

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